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Times are difficult, they don’t spare stressful situations, probably most often in the workplace, excess duties, the boss is always dissatisfied, and earnings demotivate us. We know, we can give up our current job and look for something else – but many have already found that “everywhere it’s good where we are not.” Clarification at

We can also sit a bit at home and wait until the great job finds us. But can we afford it? The savings, if any, are shrinking at an alarming rate.

Why not think about self-employment? Think about what would really bring us satisfaction from our professional life and save the nerves associated with doing work that we do not like at all. Or maybe it turns out that what we like to do the most in life turns out to be a great business idea.

Well, only where to get the courage to act independently, if we’ve been working full-time and someone else was dealing with all these papers for us. Another dilemma is where to get the money from. And here there are several solutions.

If we are registered as unemployed, we can try to take advantage of the co-financing offered by the labor office, another solution may be to use EU projects, possibly get a loan from a bank, and if there is a problem here, there are still non-bank companies.

What amounts are we talking about?

What amounts are we talking about?

It all depends on the bank’s offer, the non-bank company, the wealth of our portfolio and possibly what we can offer as collateral for the loan . There are many proposals of financial companies. We should not give up bank offers addressed to entrepreneurs.

We need to know how much cash we will need. How much money will devote to our “good morning”? When our business is to rely on network work, we are going to create websites, deal with positioning, it is difficult for us to apply for a loan of USD 50,000.

USD 20,000 is enough for this type of activity. And we will get such an injection of cash without major problems and without certificates. Things may look a little different if we need a larger amount, because to run our company we will need a place that needs to be renovated and equipped, and to hire someone who needs to be paid.

This is not a problem either. We will also get a larger amount in the form of a quick loan. Both banks and parabanks meet young entrepreneurs and can lend them up to USD 500,000.

And at the same time formalities are kept to a minimum

And at the same time formalities are kept to a minimum

As with ordinary loans, as with loans for entrepreneurs, banks have slightly more requirements when granting them. Non-bank companies have minimum requirements. Usually you will need an ID card, some companies require one more document with a photo, for example a driving license or passport.

If you want to borrow more money online and you are married happily, your spouse’s consent will be required. The exception will be the separation or property separation.

Parabanks do not require any business plans or forecasts from us, only a printout from EICDG or an entry in the Business Register. This practice also occurs in some banks.

However, minimum formalities in parabanks

We often decide to start a one-man business. Such a company does not need large financial outlays at first, especially if it is to consist of providing services. In this case, we can successfully use the offer of parabanks, payday loans without certificates .

We will quickly receive money, thanks to which we will easily start our venture. The terms of such a loan may be less favorable than at a bank, but this cost is borne by the “minimum of formalities”.

However, do not make decisions too hastily. If we have any doubts about which offers will be best for us, we can always count on help from financial specialists. They will show us the right way to finance our newly baked company without any problems.

And it is still harder in banks. Why?

And it is still harder in banks. Why?

Statistics are largely to blame. They show that out of ten newly created companies, only one remains on the market. In the world, banks are simply afraid of young companies going bankrupt. Before we get a loan from the bank, financial analysts will thoroughly examine our situation, make a forecast of the success of our venture.

When the stake is rolled for a small amount, up to USD 25,000, the bank will not require additional certificates from us. With every over this amount, the bank’s requirements increase. Our chances for a bigger loan increase when we have something to pledge, for example real estate.

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